...a place of sharing...

There is an unassuming, easily missed, cul-de-sac coastal road that runs along the Pelješac Peninsula in Croatia. The narrow, winding way brings you to the old fishing village of Borje—dotted with stone buildings and lined by fig trees, oleanders, and rosemary bushes where you’ll be greeted by its guardians, the local cats.

In Borje, there is a house nestled into a rocky mountain slope, as if hovering between the sky above and the Adriatic below. The house has a terrace, reaching out towards the sea, and under the lattices of its vines and olive tree branches, rests a marble table.

For the past two decades, the terrace has seduced perfect strangers to revel, laugh and dance together. People from around the world have gathered in its limestone confines, sharing moments, ideas and stories.

The pains of everyday existence seem to dissipate here, as if washed away by the emerald sea waters. The soul is unchained by the open space. Embracing the rhythm of the Mediterranean nature, your heartbeat slows down and life becomes embellished by transient moments of contemplation.

Borje is a place where you are never on your own. It is a place of community and togetherness. It is a place of sharing.

We invite you here to take refuge from the unfolding storm, to gather around the marble table and to become a part of Book Club Adriatic.