Book Club Adriatic

...learn from books, nature and people...

It is in this corner of the world that we came to think of inviting others to join us in a practice that is so at home here: through literature, conversation and discussion.

The idea is simple, based on a formula we know well. Book Club Adriatic is a week-long meeting space devoted to shared reading and discussion on literature. Each year, the Book Club selects a different theme. We read texts that tell a story of our times and encourage debate.

Each day after breakfast, we gather to discuss the pre-selected texts. We analyse literature, share our favorite passages and place them in the broader context of global issues. Apart from dissecting the books, participants are invited to present texts of their own, share their favorite passages, and even bring in other mediums of expression, such as film, art and music—there is no right or wrong.

After the seminars, the graces of the Mediterranean life are there for the taking. From beach-going to boat trips, from hikes up Mount Ilya to simply kicking up your feet on the terrace and enjoying a glass of local wine and some music, we want to ensure that there is enough time and freedom to harness the full potential of this special place, be able to learn from books, nature and people alike.

When evening falls, echoing the Ancient Greek symposium tradition, we will gather under the starry firmament to feast on local cuisine. Dinner will take us into the night that may bring a passionate debate, festive dance, some star spotting, perhaps...