About Us

...who are we?...

Who are we? As lifelong friends, we have collaborated together on many creative projects: from theater productions and hip-hop records, to music videos... As time passed and life moved us in different directions across the map, we continue to reunite in Borje year after year to celebrate friendship.

Piotr Wójciak received his MA in Latin American Studies. He is currently working on his PhD investigating security in post-conflict Colombia at the Universitat Autònoma in Barcelona. Meanwhile, he works as an English teacher and a translator.

Franek Korbański is a graduate of MA Philosophy and pursuing MSc in Human Ecology at Lund University. He is currently living in Copenhagen, where for the past 5 years he has been co-running the independent bookstore ark books. For a period, he has edited its online magazine ark book review. In the years 2017-2018 he co-run a Street Literature Festival Lyse Nætter.